Yale Tango Club Welcomes you!

Welcome to Yale Tango Club! 

Why do we dance Tango? There’s probably many different explanations, but if you ask us at Yale Tango Club, we’ll tell you three main reasons:

Social - Enjoy learning & dancing with partners and peers

Elegance - Learn how to dance elegantly to all kinds of music

Embrace - Communicate silently to your dance partner the famous Tango embrace

There’s no better demonstration than a video, and here, you can get a glimpse of why we fell in love with Tango.

Yale Tango Club meets Sunday nights to dance Argentine tango and socialize. During the academic year, we offer weekly classes as well as occasional workshops taught by famous traveling teachers from all over the U.S., Canada, Argentina and Europe. We also have weekly guided practicas after class on Wednesday nights. We don’t compete, we dance to have fun and because many of us are obsessed. During the summer, we gather to dance outdoors at Broadway on Thursdays. To participate in our club more, you need to learn the basics of Argentine Tango, so we offer beginners class and bootcamps to get total beginners on the dance floor!

Argentine tango is a social dance. It is an improvised dance that works through the connection with your partner and the music. It is not an easy dance to learn, but our weekly classes, special bootcamps and workshops are designed to prepare you for the social dance floor so that you will be able to connect and be able to enjoyably dance with another person!

Classes and events are only open to Yale students, staff and faculty. No partner or dance experience required! It is normal for both women and men to engage in both follower and leader roles of argentine tango. 


August 23, 2019
Thank you everyone who helped out at the booth during grad fair! Looking foward to an exciting new semester! GO team!
July 8, 2019
Moonlight Tango has started!  Event dates are subject to change due to DJ availability and weather. Date and time of event will be regularly updated on facebook group page....
June 15, 2019
Join us at Broadway for a relaxing afternoon of TANGO dancing and a big bite of CREPE! We would like to invite you to join us for a fun and relaxing Afternoon Tea Tango...